The cruise and travel blog of two sisters – a suburban housewife (Karin) and her sister with a camera (Lisa-Ann).



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  1. Julie (from Australia) | Reply

    We are thinking of booking b2b Oosterdam in 2015. I am so interested in your blog. Your photos are wonderful.


    1. Thank you. I’m so enjoying writing my own version of a travel guide. 🙂


  2. Hi,
    Love your blog! Glad to know someone else loves tendering too. Was the cheese and wine on Glacier Day for everyone?


    1. Hi Kendall, anyone that made it out to the bow could buy the wine; cheese, fruit and baguette slices were free.


      1. Earlier on the bow they were serving Dutch pea soup and hot chocolate. (free)


  3. I am really enjoying reading your blog and having some giggles as we will be travelling a similar route this winter.
    I am wondering if you can provide a few details for me?
    Does the ship have kids menus? Any chance you can snap a photo? They are next to impossible for me to find!
    Also, is it possible to show the “itinerary” or “navigator” for a day at sea? I am just wondering what type of options to expect.
    Thanks!! 🙂


    1. Hi Reagan,
      My sister, who has cruised with her young daughter, assures me there is a kids menu, but I don’t have a photo. And I’ll be scanning and posting the “On Location” guides this weekend when I get home.


  4. I am leaving next week on the Eurodam and I have loved every word on your recent posts. This has been such a wonderful blog for me to stumble across and I have recommended it to others cruising, specifically on HAL in Alaska. Thanks for sharing! (I especially loved seeing the “On Location” and menus that you posted!)


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