Sel de Mer

I think I hit my all-time best for delicious food consumed.  Sel de Mer was fantastic.  It was a leisurely dinner, well paced, and with excellent dishes and service.  I’d write more but I’m too full to think of superlatives.

Photos will have to do.

Whimsical plates

Bread, butter (with chives and sea salt on top) to go along with the tappas.

The amuse bouche. A scallop with a black truffle atop a delicately crunchy seaweed salad. This was the only piece that was a bit off – I found it a touch overly salty

Karin’s appetizer – seafood tower

Seafood tower, ready to eat

Bouillebase chock full of shrimp, mussels, halibut, lobster, clams. Delicious!

Rack of lamb, cooked to perfection (i.e. medium rare, the way I like it)

Karin opted for the catch of the day – halibut brought on board here in Sitka.

Chocolates with our coffee


Souffle with a mixed berry compote at the bottom. Big enough to share and oh so very very good.

And the menu


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