Out of Glacier Bay, Heading to Sitka

A fairly lazy afternoon, giving our sun-reddened cheeks a bit of a breather. Yes, I at least, have a bit of glow. Karin, the sensible one, put on sunscreen.

The 10 foot seas arrived as we left Glacier Bay, accompanied by wind gusts up to 50 knots which gave the Eurodam a decided list.

More than a few white caps out there

Since we were walking a bit sideways anyway, we headed for the Pinnacle Bar. The Pinnacle Bar is our favorite this cruise; Tony knows we want appetizers; Alvin makes our drinks fairly potent (or do we just have too many of them?).

A French 75 (champagne, brandy, simply syrup and lemon juice). Our version anyway, which Alvin made for us.

I’ve discovered I really like a Peach Bellini Manhattan.

Off to dinner, and the food was delightful.

Smoked salmon deviled eggs.

Beef Clod Tenderloin. I never knew beef had clods 😉

Orichette with eggplant and pork ragout

I think “clod” should have been applied to one of the other dinner guests, who (for reasons unknown and which really don’t matter) got up and dumped a glass of water into the bread basket of the next table. On purpose. While the 2 ladies who were eating at the table were in the powder room. And before you ask, yes alcohol was involved as he fell asleep over dessert. What a putz.

We went to the late show of the BBC Earth/HAL program on Alaska, which is accompanied by both the Lincoln Center Stage quintet and the members of the Band. A fun way to do a documentary.

Alaska show

Then to the last show of the night for the Duelling Pianos, before heading for bed.

Tonight’s dinner menu:


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